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Saving Green with Green

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gas vs electric vehiclesMany people have already heard the story as to why you should buy a hybrid or electric vehicle in order to save the world. However, other than reducing air pollution and the burning of fossil fuels, green vehicles are a great way to save money in many ways. Some do not fully trust green initiatives in the auto industry because they feel like they will not save you money in the long run, that a traditional gas vehicle will. People need to realize that these vehicles are not only saving money at the pump but in many other places as well.

Federal and State Incentives

government incentives on hybrids

There are advantages to choosing a green vehicle on a large level. You can save some dollars through the car tax system. All cars that have a CO2 emission level of less than 100 g/km get the luxury of not paying a car tax. You can score federal tax credits by purchasing an electric vehicle as well as a plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle. States and cities also can give out rebates for going green, including tax credits and the convenience of being able to drive solo in “HOV” (high-occupancy vehicle) highway lanes. These vary depending on location.

Everybody loves a discount

Sticking with a green vehicle means cheaper car insurance because eco-friendly cars are not as susceptible to theft. They are also statistically less likely to be in accidents, which is something that auto insurers definitely take a look at. You can also find yourself in an easier financial position by receiving discounts on loans. Banks and credit unions offer favored loan rates for hybrid cars.

Benefit beyond the buck

keeping the future greenThe worth of the vehicle is not simply measured in terms of money. Many people search high and wide to find the perfect vehicle to fit their lifestyle. Hybrid vehicles produce about 90% fewer emissions compared to an average gas vehicle. If being part of a global movement to help conserve the earth we have is something that is important to you, then owning a hybrid or electric vehicle is worth much more than driving from point A to point B. Going greens exemplifies who you are and how you invest your life, not just your money.

You can find different deals, rebates and incentives on hybrid vehicles at Brent Brown Toyota. Feel free to call us at 888-621-9928 if you have any car questions! We are ready and excited to answer them. You can also swing by to see us at 1400 Sandhill Road in Orem, Utah. We have a wide range of new Toyota trucks, cars, SUVs and hybrids. We look forward to serving you!

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