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Garmin Introduces an Affordable and Hands Free Display for any Vehicle

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HUDDistractions on the road are the leading cause of vehicle accidents. In an effort to reduce driving distractions, many laws and city ordinances have been put in place to prevent drivers from using devices behind the wheel. Garmin’s new heads-up display (HUD) offers their navigation services in a completely hands free way.

What is HUD?

The heads up display is growing in popularity as many vehicles include a unit from the factory. The Garmin HUD unit adds an affordable navigation option for practically any vehicle. The HUD projects directions onto a transparent film on the windshield or an attached reflector lens. “HUD redefines the navigation experience by allowing drivers to find their way without taking their eyes off the road,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales.

What other systems does the HUD work with?

HUD with navigationThe HUD receives information from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone running a Garmin StreetPilot or NAVIGON app. The display provides turn arrows, distance to the next turn, current speed, speed limit, and estimated time of arrival. It even warns drivers of potential traffic delays, upcoming safety camera locations, and alerts the driver when they exceed the speed limit. The HUD also offers turn-by-turn directions that complement the visual display. The HUD can be connected to a smartphone speaker or a Bluetooth connected car stereo. Music will fade out for turn-by-turn voice prompts. The device pairs with iPhone, Android, and the Windows 8 Phone.

When can I get it?

The device will be available this summer with an MSRP of $129.99. You will also have to purchase the Garmin StreetPilot or NAVIGON apps, which start at $29.99. These apps provide personal navigation services that offer time and fuel saving benefits to the driver.

toyota entuneToyota’s hands-free calling and voice navigation system, Entune, can help you keep your eyes on the road. Come on down to Brent Brown Toyota at 1400 Sandhill Rd. in Orem, Utah and take a look at our selection of Entune equipped vehicles. We will keep that special Toyota in stock, just for you.

brent brown toyota

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